ARCTIC Annual Maintenance Contract

Our Labour Maintenance Contract offers 4 basic services and any spares that needs to be changed will be at an additional cost

Our Comprehensive Maintenance Contract also offers 4 basic services and you don’t need to pay anything extra for the spares if changed.

Terms & Condition for LMC & CMC

  • Quarterly service on fixed dates.
  • Immediate attention to complaints and breakdown calls during the AMC period
  • The Customer will be notified if there is any major repair to be undertaken.
  • We shall not be liable for any break or delay in carrying out any of the obligations contained in this maintenance contract including servicing/repairing of the unit as result of strike.
  • Lockout, industrial/labour disturbance, fire accidental damage, restrictions imposed by government, any act of god, war any condition arising from similar causes beyond our control (THIS IS A CONTRACT TEXT. Not required in this)
  • Our technicians will always make a prior appointment with you before their visit. Please feel free to ask for your service card.
  • During the overhauling of the air-conditioner chemical wash will be done for the unit if necessary
  • The front grill, cooling & condenser coils, sheet metal parts, shifting of a/c units, copper pipes & outer cover are excluded in both the AMC.
  • Stabilizer, PCB board, remote hand set electrical supply problems will not be covered under the AMC.
  • The contract will come to effect only after the work order and payment 100% in advance.
  • Front grills, diffusers, sheet metal parts, ducting, fall ceilings. Carpentry & Masonry works, fine filters & heap filters will not cover under the AMC.
  • Detailed report of the a/c units will be submitted to you within 2 working days after the approval of the AMC. If any units in faulty condition in previous maintenance that work will be carried out on chargeable basis.